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    On the eve of the holiday of all lovers, we happily visited the Ladyzhyn Orphan Boarding School again to share the warmth of our hearts with small hearts.

    As part of the «With a good deed to every heart» mission, we announced the collection of Valentine’s Day handmade cards. Together with other necessary things and sweets, the cards were to be sent to the young residents of the Ladyzyn Orphan Boarding School, over which we had hold patronage this year. We deliberately did not announce Valentine’s Day Cards contest. After all, we were sure that your cards would be sent from the bottom of your hearts to give the kid even more love and warmth.

    You just can’t imagine how many different cards we received! Red, pink, 3D-Valentine’s Cards, seсret letters of wishes… Each of them had a personal, sensitive appeal to the recipient: “You are special, I wish you inspiration”, “My sweetheart, be happy!”, “I love you”, “I wish you to study well and smile”- those were just some of them.


    All our colleagues gladly took part in the preparation and made gifts for the kids. For example, our colleague Natalya Barkalova, together with the children, made seventy-five roses with their own hands. Just imagine – as many as seventy-five bright roses, filled with the warmth of hands and love!

    Thanks you everyone, we got the opportunity to collect a large number of clothes, shampoos, toys, and books. The new long-awaited meeting was full of joy. It is difficult to express those incredible emotions that overwhelmed us at the moments when we attended the classrooms again. To see the shining children’s eyes that are waiting for you not because they want to get a treat, but because they need your attention, warmth and hugs – these are really priceless emotions that remain for the whole life.

    We are grateful to everyone who has joined our mission! Special thanks are to: Fedorov V., Tarasenko K., Marynchuk M., Barkalova N., Yakovenko N., Borisenko O., Oleksienko N., Bezyuk K., Fesan M., Trenba O., Marinchuk O.

    Do not be indifferent, join us!

    After all, children’s hearts need warmth and attention all 365 days a year. Let’s give love together!