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    On June 1st as part of the social mission “With a good deed to every heart!” FESKO merchandising has launched a charitable project to help sick children.

    The mission’s projects will be raising funds to help children who have a congenital heart defect and need emergency surgery. The money from each project will be used to buy the occluder – implant that will permanently close the hole in the cardiac septum.

    The amount of transfer will be 1/2 of the amount of extensions over 250 hours per month. The project will run in June, July, and August 2017. Every month the funds raised during the project will be transferred to the Ukrainian Charity Exchange for children who need our help.

    We will be grateful for your partnership! Your indifference will strengthen a good deed – to give life to children. Long life, filled with shining smiles, ringing childish laughter and love. Give hearts the faith in miracles!

    You can become a partner of the project by claiming an extension of more than 250 hours in summer or monthly.

    Join us! We’ll keep you posted on the progress of the project and the amounts collected in the News section on our Facebook page.