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    Doing something good is easy. With this conviction, we founded the social mission “With a good deed to every heart!”. Our aspiration is by our own example to attract everyone who cares to participate in massive social and environmental projects.
    Join us! Every heart, every voice and hands are important to us. Any of your initiative will become a part of a big whole, change the world and give the good to human hearts.


    Goals of the mission

    With a good deed to every heart!
    To help community members who need support and involvement.
    To raise the need for people to consciously care for nature and society.
    To prove with our own actions that with our own hands we are making the world a better place.

    Mission directions



    Do everything possible to keep children's hearts beating! In 2017, we launched the “Give Health to the Heart” project, aimed at raising funds to help children with a congenital heart defect who need immediate surgery. Together with partners, we transfer a share of the profit to help small sick hearts.
    The environment

    The environment

    Our goal is to increase the level of culture through the development of a responsible attitude to nature. Therefore, we regularly clean and green parks, squares and other natural landscapes..


    Children and older people are the social groups that need attention and care the most. We help socially unprotected layers of society: we carry out the patronage of the Ladyzhyn Orphan Boarding School, and provide the material needs for nursing homes.