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    4.64 points on a five-point scale – the result of certification of merchandisers for knowledge of standards and rules of merchandising in the third quarter of 2019.

    The evaluation showed a high level of knowledge of FESKO merchandising employees: the total team score was 4.64 points out of 5 possible.

    The result of the previous quarter was 4.72 points.

    Rating of the best employees

    According to the results of the team, Olga Tkachuk became the best regional manager.

    The best results among supervisors showed:

    • Tatiana Romanovska
    • Olena Shmarayeva
    • Olesia Afonina
    • Tatiana Kravchuk
    • Olena Strokach
    • Natalia Barkalova
    • Tatiana Marinova
    • Makvala Omelianenko
    • Anastasia Tomashevska

    Rating results by region

    • 4,70 points: Western Region
    • 4,74 бали: Southern Region
    • 4,52 балів: Eastern Region
    • 4,59 балів: Central Region

    Thanks for the great team result!

    It’s up to us!