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    REPORTAL – is a reporting portal developed by FESKO merchandising with the aim of automating the merchandising management system. It optimizes the workflow and allows for comprehensive coordination and control of merchandisers in retail outlets.

    The portal provides detailed information about the project and allows you to exchange information 24/7 from any part of the world.



    Reportal opportunities

    Reportal opportunities
    Optimized analytics constructor
    Analysis of the project and the formation of a schedule with the dynamics of key indicators.
    Tracking the implementation of work according to the project dynamics
    Graphs and charts in the "My Account" section reflect the situation as for the project at points of sales for today and yesterday, as well as predict it for tomorrow. The project dynamics is also evaluated over longer periods.
    Multifunctional reporting plan
    The user chooses to display the reporting plan in three time intervals: per day, per week, and per month.
    Map of covering points of sales and cities
    Real-time tracking of covering points of sales.
    Evaluation of the work done
    Evaluation of the work of merchandisers (reports and photo reports) using likes.
    Motivation system
    The client receives bonus hours or visits. He or she also has the ability to reward the merchandiser for the work done.
    Working with achievements
    Fixing the fact that the merchandiser is working over and above the assigned tasks.
    Multi-language of information
    REPORTAL is available for use in three languages: Ukrainian, English and Russian.
    Assessment of the performed work
    Evaluation of the work of merchandisers (reports and photo reports) using likes.
    monitoring the duration of visits AND completion OF MERCHANDISING STEPS
    Tracking the time of work, locations, step-by-step instructions for each visit carried out through the REPORTAL mobile application.
    Calendar of promotional activities
    Tracking the start and period of activity for points of sales and networks.

    FESKO merchandising news feed
    The news section covers all the events of the Company and provides information on current exchange rates, weather forecasts, and also has the function of online radio.


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