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    Dream Library has neen created!

    That was where our acquaintance with the Ladyzhyn  Orphan Boarding School began.  The meeting, which took place as part of the social mission “With a good deed to every heart” became a very long-awaited, incredible event for us.

    On December 11th, on the eve of fabulous New Year’s Holidays, with the support of our partners of the “Dream Library”, the “A-ba-ba-ha-la-ma-ha” publishers and “The Old Leo’s Publishers”, we visited the Ladyzhyn Orphan Boarding School, located in the village Ladyzhyn of Cherkasy region.

    It is a pleasure to realize that we have had a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the development of children’s education in our country. The genuine children’s curiosity for books surprised us. This is an indisputable merit of the teachers of the educational establishment. Together, we replenished the existing library with bright, informative and interesting books. By the way, all the books we brought in were chosen by the children themselves!

    It’s impossible to describe our emotions! Interested children’s faces, peeking out of windows and doors in anticipation of guests, were noticeable even when we only drove up to the educational buildings.  The kids’ eyes were full of genuine emotions. They were so excited!

    Yulia Chepiga, a kind-hearted and friendly deputy director of educational work, conducted a field trip for us.  In addition, we were fed an incredibly tasty lunch and showed the achievements in the development of the school. One of the most important achievements of the teaching staff is the upbringing and courtesy of children. This is very difficult to achieve in the presence of disorders and deficiencies in the vast majority of children. The kids were openly excited when we went to class, greeted us and made contact right away.

    Our stay coincided with the educational process, so we were lucky to see life inside. How talented the kids are! We were amazed at their work and applications that they create. It is impossible to convey the incredible charge of positive, energy and warmth that we received! We talked to almost every pupil in the school. Hugs and affection are what the children really lack. We were really warmed by the fact that neither the aggression nor the insults to the outside world were noticed in the children’s eyes. On the contrary, we were greeted with completely open smiles, timid and sincere looks.

    We are very grateful to everyone who joined our mission!

    We express special gratitude for the things provided and the goodies presented to Vasyl Fedorov, Maryna Marinchuk, Kateryna Tarasenko, Daria Drygota.

    Friends, join us! Let the world around us be filled with happy children’s smiles and ringing laughter. After all, doing good is so simple!