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    “Mission accomplished!”

    With such a slogan, we summarized the next initiative of our own social mission “With a good deed to every heart!”  April 6 was announced as Community Cleanup Day, during which the FESKO merchandising team joined the work in the city square on Makarivska Street in Kyiv. In a few hours we managed to plant 21 jasmine bushes, 10 catalpa trees, made an alpine slide, and cleared the square of debris and old leaves. The playground in the heart of the square was not neglected – we also put things in order in it.

    It should be noted that not only every member of our team, but also the staff of the Greenhouse Maintenance Utility of the Shevchenkivsky District, who contributed to organizing and holding of the event, made significant contributions to the FESKO social initiative. Special gratitude for the help and active participation in the Community Cleanup Day we express to the Chief Agronomist Aleksiychuk Y. and the Area Supervisor Ovsiychuk P. We are also grateful for the provided inventory.

    As for the Community Cleanup Day itself, its atmosphere was incredible: full of enthusiasm, fun jokes and lively emotions.

    During the event, each time we paid attention to the smiles and looks of support of passers-by. We sincerely hope that our Saturday activity has activated worthy thoughts in their minds about their own impact on positive changes in the environment. Teamwork always unites, fills with new emotions, energy, directs to new initiatives.

    After a fruitful day, we went to Osokorky, where a gazebo with a fabulous view of Lake Nebrezh was waiting for us. Signature goodies and barbecue were a good culmination of a busy day. At the end of the event, we traditionally carefully cleaned the territory after ourselves.

    Bushes and trees are planted, the area of the garden is cleaned up. We are proud of it! However, this initiative is just another significant step in the implementation of the “With a good deed to every heart” mission aimed at improving the environment.

    No matter how important each successive initiative is, our main task is not just actions. By our own example we have to contribute to the formation of a culture of environmental protection.

    The main goal is to increase the level of social culture by fostering a responsible attitude towards nature and our environment.

    The task is very difficult and ambitious. However, we are sure that it is within our power. Indeed, each new initiative of the mission is motivated by faith that it’s up to us!

    So, join in! Together we are a great power.