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    “Today we share with you the most precious thing – ten years of the life of our friendly FESKO merchandising family, of which You are a part!” – said Vasyl Fedorov, opening a special, anniversary issue of the corporate magazine FESKOBOOK.

    We congratulate You and look forward to the reciprocity!

    What epithets were not heard while working on the magazine! “Special”, “anniversary”, “main”… And no wonder, because all this issue is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of FESKO. In it, we recalled the iconic and emotional events, important people who created the history of FESKO.

    However, let’s be honest: this issue is dedicated to people.

    To those people who make or have made invaluable contributions to the development of the Company. These are our Employees and Partners.  Many of them are already going their own way. However, their professionalism and best abilities endowed the Company with those features that make it unique and strong. Many of these people are currently part of FESKO and among our Partners. They give their experience and emotions, add new shades to the character of the Company.  Friends, thank you for the sincerity and emotionality of your lines!

    We are grateful to you for the contribution that made the Company multifaceted – such as it is today: leading, systemic and creative.  We sincerely hope this issue will be special in your own life. We are confident that the FESKO example will give you the motivation to create and be successful, you will be convinced that dreams come true and it’s up to us.

    Have a nice read!