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    We are pleased to share the important news: FESKO merchandising has joined the EBA – “European Business Association”.

    We went to this decision for several years. Indeed, in order to be a member of the Association, simply ambition and the fact of entry are not enough. We had to feel the willingness and strength to change the business in which we operate in accordance with European standards.

    In particular, such standards are: transparency, honesty of relations of all market participants, legality of business processes, care of staff and partners.

    Our goal is a civilized market for combined merchandising

    One of the first steps should be to create common rules for all market players: those that will be based on the legality of the employer-employee relationship, and comply with applicable tax laws.

    With the support of EBA and in conjunction with other market players – FMCG companies and sales networks – we need to address the pressing issues of building a collaborative merchandising culture.

    • Building business processes, regulating relationships, informing about the impact of combined merchandising on business efficiency and development of the Ukrainian market as a whole.
    • Establishing relationships with Clients and sales networks based on the principles of responsibility for quality and performance of services, fair competition, and intolerance to corruption.

    An important issue that we need to address is to approve with the market participants a system of relations with merchandisers at points of sales. Such relationships should have a clear set of rules and be based on the principles of respect and mutual help. This will allow to position the profession of a merchandiser as such, which provides stable income and social guarantees, is modern and in demand in the market.

    We are grateful in advance to each of our current and future FESKO merchandising partners and Company staff for participating in these initiatives.