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    Is 10 years too much or too little? Find out the opinion of Vasyl Fedorov, CEO of FESKO merchandising, on the 10th anniversary.

    “As for business, I’m sure 10 years is a whole era”.

    10 years for business – is it too much or too little? In life it happens in different ways. But 10 years for business – is the life with all its stages, ups and downs, joys and sorrows, surprise and disappointment, hook or by crook. As a person who is directly related to the life of the Company, I confess: everything was in FESKO’s life!

    And from now on we have a clear result: “0” we headed the number “1” and got a completely self-contained, independent of its constituent object, whose name is FESKO.

    I am pleased that you associate FESKO not only with business, but with family and team.

    This gives us the right to use these most important aspects for each concept, along with the Company name. I sincerely hope that any word here will be appropriate. From the very beginning, FESKO’s ideology was aimed at ensuring that the private time that employees changed for money was full of pleasantness, comfort and warmth.

    In any case, FESKO as a true being and lives its own life. Each of us either becomes a part of it or chooses a different path for themselves.

    On this day, I want to thank those who have made the life of FESKO the way it is now.

    I want to emphasize: I express my special thanks to those who shaped this life.

    To those who have given much of themselves to many of these parts to form a common whole: a special and unique FESKO.  But there were some of them whom I can call special. After all, giving their best human and professional abilities, they gave FESKO their traits and talents, making the Company what it is now – leading, strong and special. 

    First of all, my big and sincere “Thank You” is addressed to those who are now celebrating this anniversary in the FESKO ranks.

    I am glad that any day I can personally, with a handshake, mark your achievements and contribution to the development of the Company.

    I express my special gratitude to those who no longer work at FESKO, but I clearly see the result of their work in today’s achievements. Your achievements live in FESKO, forming the foundation and other components of the Company’s construction.

    I am grateful to the Partners and Clients for the trust, sincerity of our work evaluation and the irreplaceable experience we gain from our cooperation. 

    So, this anniversary is our common!

    Each of you has been involved in this 10-year mark since the founding of the Company. Therefore, we celebrate today’s holiday together. I congratulate you on this important day and wish you every success, achievement, strength and dedication.

    And I invite each of you to a further common path towards new anniversaries!”