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    “Done!” By this status we denote the implemented measures of the mission “With a good deed to every heart!”

    May 5th was announced as Community Cleanup Day, during which with the support of our partners, we removed a large area of the Dnieper embankment from the garbage. This area that stretches from the City Yacht Club to the Darnytsa Bridge, is the most clogged seafront spot. It stretches along the busy highway. However, in just ten steps towards the Dnieper River, you will find beautiful places to relax, from which you can see the picturesque views of the Left Bank.

    We spent our Community Cleanup Day with a friendly and indifferent group of office employees and merchandisers of the Central Region. It was nice that in a good deed we were supported by partners – “Dnipro leather haberdashery” and PROservice, who provided a huge number of garbage bags and rubber gloves. They made the cleaning process easy, comfortable and … brighter!

    Community Cleanup Day was held with the assistance of Darnytskyi District State Administration of Kyiv. We would like to express our special thanks to the Chief Specialists of the Department of Public Works and Environmental Protection Sikorskyi V. and Smolskyi Y. We are also grateful for the provided equipment for cleaning and removal of collected garbage.

    We are pleased that during the process we were joined by passers-by, assisting with the cleaning. This proves that good deeds unite people and charge them with new initiatives.

    We collected a lot of garbage during Community Cleanup Day. The garbage bags did not even fit into one trailer that the city authorities allocated to us for garbage. In the end, we filled another half of the trailer. After cleaning, we left behind an ad calling for everyone to clean up after themselves. After all, all the garbage we collected, which barely fit into one and a half trailer, was left exactly by people with a low level of social culture.

    Good deeds always produce good results and attract a large number of indifferent people.

    However, our task is not just to initiate and clean up.

    Our goal is to form social culture with our own principles, and to increase its level through our actions and example.

    After a work day, we found a place to relax and have a picnic. We had a great time at the barbecue and active outdoor games. Of course, we carefully cleared the territory after ourselves.

    The area of the Dnieper embankment was cleaned up. Though this initiative is only a step in the realization of “With a good deed to every heart” mission! After all, there are countless such sites in the vast Kiev and Ukraine. To remove them is the work of our hands and the hands of other caring people.

    However, our main task is to cultivate a responsible attitude towards nature and our own environment, and to increase the level of social culture. The task is not easy and ambitious. But we are sure that we can do it. After all, it’s up to us.

    Join us! Together we are a great power.